The Lexington Hospital, which treats orthopedic cases from Kentucky and four neighboring states, had occupied the same building for 61 years.

That hospital had become outdated because of advances in technology and changes in health care finance that insisted on orthopedic treatment being done on an outpatient basis. After several years of planning, a new hospital facility was designed to meet the challenges of adapting the Shriners’ business model to a new footprint. The new location, close to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital in the UK complex, gives the hospital more accessibility to consulting physicians and specialties for pediatrics.

  • LocationLexington, KY
  • Size60,000 sf
  • ScopeNew Construction, 3 floors
  • StatusCompleted May 2017

Our Solutions

Lobby, waiting areas and community spaces are playful and full of color.

By incorporating children's furniture and non-traditional pieces, it gives children the opportunity to really interact with the space - climb, touch and play. A truly immersive space to "side-track" the mind while waiting.

Our goal was to support the functional need of a clinical space while creating a vibrant, energetic space to make what is typically a "scary doctor visit" a little more pleasant.

Shriners Rendering 1
Shriners Rendering 2
Shriners Treatment Room

Cheerful and interactive spaces for children.