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Sep 08 2022

Teknion Future Smart

Remapping the Workplace.

Envisioning a path forward, inspired by an informed optimism, equipped with tools that are simple, smart and able.

Insights Teknion Future Smart

The future requires thoughtful, intentional planning, along with highly adaptable products to create a "future fit office". These 7 design principles guide decisions to remap the workplace for a future fit office that stands up to change, remaining agile and viable for all plausible futures.

01 destination: collaboration

02 60% presence, 100% participation

03 flexible timelines

04 choose your experience

05 frame of reference

06 add fashion to function

07 meeting to mediation

Insights Teknion Future Smart destination

an open, approachable design in which technology is present, but not dominant:

  • Invites all aspects of collaboration
  • Offers a choice to meet, mentor or consult on a face-to-face basis—or to engage via video/web conferencing tools
  • Fits a range of timelines by providing seating options—a quick touch-down or lengthy conversation
  • Inspires a flexible, democratic approach to collaboration; erases any stigma attached to remote work
  • Material and character of products invite hands-on control of the space

highly flexible and ready for change, the space:

  • Supports user control over their workspace through a highly flexible, adaptable and fluid design
  • Empowers users to reposition themselves, or their team as needed, using mobile and height- adjustable components
  • Supports access to utilities through a centralized yet unrestrictive spine structure
  • Anticipates transient occupancy and frequent reorganization of users and teams

adding fashion to function, the space:

  • Invites people to feel comfortable and calm, stimulated and inspired
  • Infuses creative use of color, pattern and texture to set a tone and express the spirit of a culture, and the identity of a brand
  • Applies finishes and fabrics to reflect current trends or a more timeless look and feel
  • Expresses a distinct design concept through accessories and accents
  • Accommodates change with affordable furnishings and accessories that add color and character
  • Incorporates fashion trends that bring a warm residential look and feel to workspaces

located in the interior or exterior of the building, the space:

  • Reflects the comfort and feel of nature
  • Offers a place for reflection and renewal
  • Allows for quiet, casual conversation as well as working on a laptop by pairing comfortable seating with simple tables and white boards
  • Supports the personal goals of an individual or project-based teamwork
  • Provides spaces division with shrubbery, trees or other greenery
  • Nurtures physical and mental health with fresh air and abundant sunlight