The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) requested healthcare furniture, professional installation, and warranty services for their new Medical Research and Development Building Addition, Building 5.

The new medical research and development building houses offices, workstations, team rooms and conferencing to support this department. FS worked closely with the VA Interior Design and Engineering team to complete this project spanning over 2 years. The neutral finishes and natural lighting create an uncluttered work environment for the open office areas containing 74 workstations.

  • LocationIndianapolis, IN
  • Size16,500 sf
  • ScopeNew Construction, 2 floors
  • StatusCompleted December 2021

Our Solutions

Private office desks with two-tone finishes

Workstations feature height adjustable tables and monitor arms for added ergonomics.

Raised flooring allows easy electrical and data access to all workstations.

Bold accents of color add visual interest to the neutral palette while creating color-coded zones for each workstation pod.

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New medical research and development building.